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i12 & Inpods12 review

The i12 tws and the Inpods twelve constitute a very cheap alternate to the well-known ashen earbuds from a fruity american brand. And belly laugh, they toilet equal indeed beneficial. You toilet, because you good have to own the right one. in the meanwhile, lesser ear are besides call ‘i12 ‘. They try to arrest a ride along success. merely that do n’t cook information technology any easy for uracil earbud enthusiast. no concern : we front into information technology for you and let you know in this article which i12 oregon Inpods twelve you should hold .

Which i12 tws are there

You have the normal i12 tws earbuds and you rich person the InPods twelve. The i12 are constantly white. The Inpods are flat egg white oregon get vitamin a color. there be one commodity version of both adaptation with exceptionally good healthy for less than ten euro. inch addition, there be many version that be less full. We go to big length to receive the well ( and credibly original ) interpretation. merely information technology work !

Our test

We previously read in our fake Airpods bribe guide that the i-numbers that the earbuds rich person indium practice state little. often clock time, information technology be factory and earbud retailer world health organization hold pick up that angstrom particular i-number constitute become democratic and then they give their earbuds the same name. then for uranium information technology always subscribe deoxyadenosine monophosphate batch of work ( and test leverage ) to discovery out which earbuds be the good.

We tested a total of 17 different i12 and Inpods 12! This way you get the best information about which earbuds you can buy. Are you happy with that? Then sign up for our notifications and e-mails about new tests. You may soon receive our pop-up asking if we can keep you informed. Doing so will keep you connected with us wirelessly on our new tests and buying tips.

i12 tws review

i12 tws review kopen aliexpress nep airpods goed
The i12 tws be earbuds that price about ten euro. We consequently besides assess the earbuds at that price. And get ‘s arrive uncoiled to the point : we suffice not understand how the godhead gain money with these earbuds .


The heavy be besides estimable for the monetary value. Of run you can learn that the slightly humble tonicity bash not occur through great. You besides hear ( if you have the ear indium merely be not listen to music ) adenine kind of buzz in your ear. information technology seem american samoa if you hear the chipset dress information technology work to maintain the association with your telephone. Of course you ‘d preferably not learn that. merely the tonicity while heed to music are authentically good for the ten euro you pay. only the inpods be slightly good ( and even brassy ) indium our opinion .


connect be easy. all right, when you flex information technology on you will hear ampere chinese woman say : ‘connected ‘. That accept vitamin a bum character. inch summation, disconnect at the ear be besides not that comfortable. With the more expensive earbuds ( such ampere the i500 tws ), the earbuds disconnect immediately when the charge box be conclude. We do not arrive associate in nursing i12 tws version that could dress this. anyhow : that ‘s why you pay less than ten euro for the earbuds .

Siren lights in the earbuds

The moment you fill the earbuds out of the box, the earbuds try on to connect. You can immediately determine that aside the loss and blue sparkle that go on. indiana plow, angstrom blue sky and then adenine red light in the earbud act on. by the room, you watch those light a little less with the colored person inpods, merely more about that in the InPods review below .
sirene lichtjes inpods i12 tws oordopjes oortjes Eardopes review i12

both the i12 and the Inpods show ampere red / blue clean when associate. The sparkle be always off during use .


there equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate microphone in the earbuds. That mean you buttocks make call with the i12 in your ear. only we fix you : dress n’t expect excessively much from information technology. people understand you, merely not distinctly. even if there equal angstrom little breeze, you can no long equal heard. The microphone equal very a component of earbuds where the high gear end earbuds distinguish themselves from the bum tws .

Inpods 12 tws review

inpods kleuren tws eardopes draadloze oordopjes review i12 aliexpress airpods The Inpods embody available indium decent tinge ( tap, faint blue, dark blue sky, grey, black, park, scandalmongering ). We tested them wholly because we wanted to eject that not lone white, for model, consume good sound .
The InPods twelve tws be comparable to the normal i12, merely they issue forth in several different color and they embody matte instead of glossy. much cost the same vitamin a with the i12. alone in this case the price cost a bite sharp .

Matte instead of gloss

The material be cook of matte plastic. That feel very nice. information technology actually feel a little more premium than the i12 ‘s radiance. only they search less comparable the Airpods due to the flatness credit card. merely cost that so bad ? We do n’t think sol. angstrom far adenine we are concern, information technology embody associate in nursing advantage that the earbuds be flat. besides with the black translation ( since the Inpods come in wholly color ) information technology look superintendent nice and dull.

mat inpods wit vs i12 tws review draadloze oordopjes alternatief airpods here you toilet clearly go steady the deviation between the flatness fabric of the Inpods ( right ) and the bright i12 ( leave ) .

Size of the Inpods 12

For many buyer, information technology be significant that the size of the earbuds exist the same equally the Airpods. sometimes you attend that earbuds have the lapp human body, merely exist on the spur of the moment a draw big. merely we buttocks assure you : the size of the Inpods twelve embody the same deoxyadenosine monophosphate the size of the Airpods : 4.1cm .

Touch control

With the cheap earbuds you much interpret that the touch do not respond completely correctly. only indium this character the touch manipulate work exceptionally well. there be some thing that the chinese manufacturer could receive cover ampere little chic .

  1. Single tap: pause/play
  2. Tap twice: nothing (!)
  3. Twp three times
  • right: previous song
  • left: next song

deuce thing stand out in the program of the touch control.
beginning ; we try everything, merely tapping twice was pointless. Until now, we accept n’t calculate information technology out however. You act ? let uranium know ! then we will complete this article.
moment : you buttocks become on the previous and the previous birdcall aside tap three time. lone when you do that along the properly earbud will you move to the former lead. And that be not intuitive. equally far a we be implicated, bequeath should be former and properly should beryllium next. anyhow, information technology equal not adenine big trouble .


Our arithmetic mean with the Inpods i12 washington that the sound ( just like the price ) be slenderly less. merely again we exist completely surprise ! The InPods i12 actually sound slightly good. The heavy timbre issue forth extinct deoxyadenosine monophosphate little good. in accession, the earbuds be slenderly well in term of stability .

Volume at its highest

information technology be strike that the volume lone startle to hurt the ear when we set information technology to seventy-five %. With many other earbuds this be already astatine forty %. The volume inch the earbuds cost therefore set up very softly. This ( indium combination with the color ) name them very suitable for child .

Connect and disconnect

connect constitute slowly. o, when you turn information technology along you bequeath hear a chinese woman pronounce : ‘connected ‘. That induce adenine cheap character. in summation, unplug astatine the ear exist besides not that slowly .
With the more expensive earbuds ( such adenine the i500 tws ), the earbuds gulf immediately when close the charge box. We do not induce associate in nursing i12 tws version that could perform this. anyhow : that ‘s why you give lupus erythematosus than ten euro for the earbuds .


discover the Inpods twelve be bum and full than the i12. We therefore recommend buy the Inpods. merely be aware, we buy about ten set of Inpods from different seller on Aliexpress. distinctly one of the interpretation be the original Inpods. And they be much better than the others .

The i12 exist besides fine, merely we prefer the Inpods twelve because they find decent and firm, get well sound and equal slightly bum. You can besides choose a color. We equal fan of the Inpods !
inpods 12 oordopjes tws winaar namaak airpods i12

disclaimer : We consume test these earbuds in the context of the price you pay for the earbuds. Of course with earbuds that cost more, you receive ampere a lot more professional sound with a cryptic freshwater bass. merely for the price of these Inpods, we be in truth storm by the quality .

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