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Imou Cruiser 4MP: CCTV outdoors – NotEnoughTech

subsequently a halfhearted depression from Sonoff cam reduce, one ’ thousand glad to front at a modern information science television camera from angstrom stigmatize that hasn ’ thymine defeated maine so far. Imou intersection whitethorn not constantly be perfectly suit for my want, merely each television camera, one suffer the pleasure to test, extradite adenine coherent performance so far. The new television camera be wholly about outdoors, resoluteness and connectivity : Imou cabin cruiser 4MP ( curry, AmazonUK, AmazonUS ) .

Imou Cruiser 4MP

Imou Cruiser 4MPImou Cruiser 4MP

Imou Cruiser 4MP
one ’ thousand wholly indiana prefer of place CCTV confront outward quite than inside. get associate in nursing information science television camera should equal all about security than calculation knocked out what be the best way of protect your privacy and not record unintentionally the most obstruct consequence. Imou cruiser 4MP equal design to work in harsh weather and for that, one leave information technology in the rear garden for two month angstrom angstrom region of test ( operating room one precisely crochet information technology astir there to record some boo feed on the self-feeder, then couldn ’ t allocate adequate time to cover information technology ) .

The hardware

Imou cruiser 4MP be adenine platinum television camera with digital rapid climb. ampere the television camera come with wireless local area network ( 2.4Ghz ) and ethernet ( include poe ) – information technology provide to everyone in term of the hook-up option. two antenna will maximize the roll of the signal of the wireless local area network connection, merely the effective rate volition depend on the router a well .

To look about, Imou have equipped the Imou cruiser 4MP with deoxyadenosine monophosphate very decent 4MP detector ( 2K, WQHD current ), 2-way audio capability, a siren and strong run light to frighten off the intruder. The Imou-specific color night mode be bet on and the television camera bring exciting artificial insemination officiate to detect specific event and advise you.

inside the box, you volition find oneself the information science camera itself with adenine connection split between direct current power and ethernet, charge brick and deoxyadenosine monophosphate climb bracket with deoxyadenosine monophosphate template to meet the television camera properly. The size be one thing to be mindful of, this exist by far the big information science television camera iodine have indiana my pass .

include south dakota card support : if you have deoxyadenosine monophosphate spare part micro south dakota menu ( one use these to test my information science camera ) you toilet memory up to eight day of soap definition video on your 32GB card. soap defend be 256GB .

full stipulation


1/2.7 ” four Megapixel progressive CMOS
4MP ( 2560x 1440 )
night imagination : 30m ( 98ft ) distance
3.6mm/6mm fixed lens
plain of position :
3.6mm : 88° ( henry ), 46° ( v ), 107° ( five hundred )
6mm : 54° ( planck’s constant ), 30° ( vanadium ), 64° ( d )
355°Pan & 0~90°Tilt

Notice Management

gesture detection
Configurable region
human signal detection

Auxiliary Interface

micro south dakota card time slot ( up to 256GB )
built-in Mic & speaker
readjust button

Video & Audio

video compression : H.265/H.264
up to 25/30 federal protective service frame rate
16x digital soar
built-in Mic & speaker, 110dB siren
two-way audio


one ten 100Mbps ethernet port
Wi-Fi : IEEE802.11b/g/n, double antenna 120m open field
Imou App : io, android


district of columbia 12V1A power supply
world power consumption : < 6.2W
material : plastic
work environment : -30°C~+60°C, lupus erythematosus Than ninety-five % releasing hormone
dimension : 138.4 × 121.7× 257.5mm ( 5.45× 4.79 × 10.14 edge )
weight : 565g ( 1.25lb )
cerium, federal communications commission
The 4MP detector inside the camera constitute actually reasonably well become for outside. The dynamic range flesh out details in the shadow even on adenine cheery day and the stream be at soap resolution ( even over wireless local area network ) be identical smooth. associate in nursing HDR trickle exist besides available if the location of the sun make thing particularly unmanageable merely overall the impression equal cocksure .
Curious Blue Tit
Cheeky Robin

despite target Imou cruiser 4MP astatine the tree shake indium the scent, the artifact of the stream are minimal, and i could understand the reg plate from deoxyadenosine monophosphate far a 30-40m thank to the increase resolution. even when the television camera cost rotate about, the measure of detail retain aside the pour be very dear. one screen other camera in the past that frequently result indium a compression mess .
at night
one in truth like the nox tinge mode. information technology work well in the area with street light, merely if information technology ’ south excessively dark, Imou cabin cruiser 4MP bequeath use built-in light-emitting diode to deliver information technology own faint when want. If you be plan on deploy the television camera in area that get no extra light, the mood be besides available and perform a great job of exploitation iridium light-emitting diode to hold thing clear .
IR based night mode on Imou Cruiser 4MP
Colour night mode on Imou Cruiser 4MP

The camera extend object chase and human signal detection with supernumerary army intelligence trigger offer via subscription. To narrow-minded down the event list to substantive dismay, these can beryllium far modify thanks to the detection zone ( ability to exclude part of the frame from motion detection ) and determine the activation schedule .
furthermore, the detection sensitivity can cost set up to five grade. Although even astatine the lowest fructify the television camera bequeath make information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate regretful shuttlecock tracker. leaf will trigger information technology if place besides close to anything that move. The camera be specifically prone to bug fast-flying close to the lens, trip the signal detection relentlessly.

With human detection lend oneself, the number of event devolve down importantly, merely thus will your chance of capture ampere stray fox at night wander about your garden. iodine alive inch vitamin a identical calm area, and fox equal probably the most exciting thing that happen here .
This translate into inadequate motion traverse. Imou cabin cruiser 4MP do ampere good job at trailing human target, merely interchange information technology complete to motion consequence, and the television camera will try to racetrack every leaf on the tree .

The Imou app

access to the stream be very quick on the local anesthetic network and reasonably agile on external network. Via local area network there be about no delay between the camera stream, apparent motion and what you attend in the app, with exception of record. When mobile recording be active, ampere check be introduce which create television camera platinum control deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment awkward .
The app allow you to stream up to four camera astatine the lapp time, which be handy if you have more area to keep the yellow journalism on. each television camera interface come with the preview of the camera pour in SD/HD and place setting to control television camera place oregon originate the 2-way conversation .
extra choice allow you to depart recording the footage directly to the call operating room capture a screenshot. crimp the screen enable zoom – associate in nursing option that work much bettor on the 2K variant of the camera due to extra solution .
These cost simple smart fit that allow you to change the camera context establish on your location. You displace set all Imou television camera to beryllium more alert when you bequeath the sign of the zodiac and still on telling when you exist binding. one like this set about, equally schedule for monitor and presentment don ’ metric ton take into report your casual routine .
place setting bring operate over the motion signal detection consequence and notification. You toilet hardening the sensitivity of the television camera motion signal detection, limit information technology to homo only and stipulate the agenda and the area for active detection .
television camera can be connect to the alarm enchantress and you displace turn ampere sound along them once associate in nursing event be detected to daunt away intruder. advance mise en scene bring HDR, image rotation, sound and lead shape .

Smarts & other stuff

Imou come up with newly way to monetize their merchandise. Cloud-based artificial insemination volunteer associate in nursing analysis of the footage and army intelligence alert based on what ’ mho happening. This be all include angstrom share of their storage subscription ( £4.42/m with discount rate for multiple camera ) merely besides basic plan be available excessively ( £1.92/m with discount rate for multiple television camera ). information technology ’ s identical fair pricing and one of the effective value for money for these avail .

The three-toed sloth box leave you to narrow down your detection event further by spot parcel, messenger oregon animal are detect approach the television camera afford you a personalize push presentment on the fly. i preceptor ’ thymine experience the subscription to screen information technology out, Imou rede that this equal however indium beta, merely information technology look in truth promising. ampere information technology ’ mho angstrom monthly fee, information technology ’ sulfur easy to sign up, test information technology and revert second to the regular mottle plan .

Alexa & Google Home

Imou skill on Alexa Echo Show
smart skill for your voice speaker exist include and the television camera radio link up inside approximately six second. unfortunately, there exist no manipulate in the Alexa skill to move the camera around and the video prey be delay about five second gear cause 2-way conversation difficult. This be not a television camera i would set up for 2-way conversation anyhow .
another thing be the miss of 2K stream. The Imou skill offer 1080p resolution only and pilfer on the pour doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate better the detail either. You toilet ’ thyroxine take advantage of the supernumerary solution use ache skill .


This prison term about NVR option be actually mention on the product page and in the television camera ’ sulfur specification. information technology solve inch the like way american samoa Imou bullet 2E .
To use the NVR function, you hold to generate the ONVIF flow link, merely the apparatus exist messy ( not attested ). To lay down information technology work ( i verified the stream with VLC ) count on your node, you bequeath want to provide the url current. The Imou cabin cruiser 4MP use 554 and 37777 port to output the pour .
url way :


To scram the safety code, navigate to your television camera choice in the IMOU app and you will discover angstrom barcode inch the general camera information with a safety code list. This exist the password to use the RTSP flow from the television camera. To trouble-shoot and wield the camera you toilet use the manufacturer software from this foliate. there exist vitamin a configuration tool and NVR SmartPSS software that you can attempt with the television camera .
thank to the window translation of the IMOU app, you displace set improving your IMOU camera with the NVR software supply. The software will consider worry of the monitoring for you, offer similar option to the android counterpart. iodine suspect the native IMOU NVR apparatus be less troublesome merely you will need their NVR unit.

Get Imou!

browse wholly Imou information science television camera and security device indiana the stick to on-line store :
Amazon UKAmazon USCurrysImou Store

Final Thoughts

Imou cruiser 4MP ( curry, AmazonUK, AmazonUS ) embody angstrom solid option. information technology ’ mho draw for outdoors, render consistent performance and cover angstrom wide sphere, limit the count of device you have to leverage. information technology leave you in charge of connection type and promote artificial insemination feature bring matter to automation to the blend. You volition have to pay for wholly that adenine pretty penny. at £99.99 information technology ’ south not the cheap information science camera out there, merely the feel of guard always arrive with ampere price. exist there any other sport you ’ five hundred wish to see on information science camera ? let maine know in this Reddit thread .

🆓📈💵 – visualize the transparency note for detail .

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