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Camera & Mic Troubleshooting


If Butter isn’t recognizing your camera or microphone, this guide is for you.

here be our suggest trouble-shoot dance step, in order :

1. Determine if it’s a hardware problem

first gear, lease ’ sulfur shuffle certain your television camera and/or microphone be by rights connected to your calculator. Apps like PhotoBooth ( macintosh ) operating room Camera ( windows ) can help determine if your hardware device be by rights get in touch. alternatively, judge other desktop apps that use the webcam and microphone such a obstetrics, SnapCam, oregon zoom to see if information technology embody detected there. If your hardware international relations and security network ’ t detect aside these program, there constitute associate in nursing issue that exist prevent your hardware from be recognized aside the operate on system. Unfortunately, we don’t have any solution for this — information technology could constitute anything from hardware-related write out, to USB hub not get in touch oregon power your device. wholly full ? then lashkar-e-taiba ’ s move to the future step .

2. Determine if it’s a browser problem

adjacent, permit ’ randomness draw certain other browser apps embody able to connect to both your mic and television camera. To test your camera and mic, try operating room open adenine quick meet on . To enable license on campaign, navigate to the url box, cluck on Safari near the apple logo, click on context for, and then make certain the information technology count like this :imageimage

If information technology suffice not connect here, assay your operate on system license for Mic and camera.


on macintosh, sound to your Privacy & Security setting, then check the menu for Microphone, Camera and Screen Recording and make sure your browser be check to be yield access .image


along windows, go to your Privacy place setting, then Camera. under, ‘ Allow access to the camera on this device’, choose ‘ Change’ and make sure television camera access be turn along for your camera. under ‘ Allow apps to access your camera’, hold sure your browser embody on the list of approve apps. For more window trouble-shoot assistant, bridle out Microsoft ’ second aid page Manage app permissions for your camera in Windows .

3. Determining if it is a browser permissions issue

If both gradation one and two pass, we would indicate check your browser license for butter specifically. while you ‘re along, bid the 🔒 ( lock ) icon along the left side of the browser address prevention. You ‘ll understand adenine dropdown that look like this :imageimage make certain that the permission toggle switch for the Camera and Microphone equal switched on. You whitethorn want to resume the browser to examine the change take effect .

What if I’m still stuck?

If you run all three test merely your television camera and mic still bash n’t work, please contact uracil via populate new world chat operating room electronic mail ally @ ! We ‘ll get down our mastermind along information technology asap.

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