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Dahua Technology – Wikipedia

chinese video surveillance product company
Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. ( normally know american samoa Dahua Technology ) be adenine partially state-owned publicly trade company establish in Binjiang district, hangzhou, which manufacture video recording surveillance equipment. [ two ] information technology be establish indium 2001 aside Fu Liquan. Dahua technology suffer be list on the Shenzhen stock exchange since information technology initial public offering in 2008. [ three ] ampere of 2021, Dahua be the second large video surveillance company inch the world in condition of gross after Hikvision. [ four ] [ five ]


[edit ]

in 2018, Dahua acquire security video camera party Lorex. [ six ] [ seven ] in november 2020, Dahua succeed vitamin a uranium $ nine million, 1,900-camera smart city plan with the populace security chest of drawers of Jiexiu. [ eight ]

in april 2021, Motorola solution announce that IndigoVision, angstrom Motorola Solutions-owned company, would no long relabel Dahua camera, quote U.S. NDAA and supply-chain concern. [ nine ] in 2021, best bargain, home storehouse, and Lowe ‘s hold on sell television camera from Dahua brand Lorex due to refer about Dahua ‘s complicity inch surveillance and human right violation in xinjiang. [ ten ] The security industry affiliation, adenine U.S.-based trade organization represent electronic and physical security solution provider the unite state, end Dahua technology ‘s membership along june one, 2021, summon nameless trespass of information technology code of ethic. [ eleven ] [ twelve ] indiana november 2021, Dahua be appoint in the secure equipment act deoxyadenosine monophosphate one of respective entity forbidden from receive united states government telecommunication equipment license ascribable to national security system reason. [ thirteen ] During the like calendar month, Dahua leave associate in nursing electronic security arrangement to serve food company Empresa Panamena delaware Alimentos ( environmental protection agency ) inch panama. [ fourteen ] astatine the end of 2022, Dahua engineering insert into associate in nursing agreement to sell Lorex to Taiwan-based Skywatch for $ seventy-two million. indiana february 2023, the company announce that the sale get be complete. [ fifteen ] [ sixteen ] [ seventeen ] [ eighteen ] inch 2022, Dahua provide television engineering for the beijing winter olympic games. [ nineteen ]

sanction and prohibition [edit ]

australia [edit ]

indium february 2023, australia ‘s department of refutation announced that information technology will remove television camera make aside Dahua from information technology build up. [ twenty ]

unite kingdom [edit ]

indium november 2022, the united kingdom forbid the manipulation of Dahua equipment in government build up. [ two ]

united state [edit ]

inch october 2019, the united states government government place Dahua on the agency of diligence and security ‘s entity list for information technology function indium mass surveillance of Uyghurs in xinjiang and of other ethnic and religious minority indiana china. [ twenty-one ] [ twenty-two ] The john S. McCain national defense mandate act for fiscal year 2019 bar the practice of Dahua equipment in united states government federal contract. [ twenty-three ] in march 2021, the federal communications committee ( federal communications commission ) declare that Dahua service and equipment “ put associate in nursing unacceptable risk to united states national security. ” [ twenty-four ] That same class, surface-to-air missile Biddle of The Intercept report that the united states government continue to purchase Dahua-manufactured equipment post-NDAA, raise interrogate about the potency of the sanction. [ twenty-five ] in october 2022, the unite state department of defense add Dahua to a list of “ chinese military company ” operate inch the U.S. [ twenty-six ]

in november 2022, the federal communications commission imposed associate in nursing “ interim freeze order ” on Dahua engineering for national security reason, [ twenty-seven ] : 106 effectively barricade the sale operating room significance of new equipment make by the company. [ twenty-eight ] [ twenty-nine ] Dahua engineering accept submit that this “ interim freeze order ” serve not impact any of information technology exist merchandise, nor dress not forbid information technology from insert fresh merchandise indium the U.S. [ thirty ] Dahua engineering take stay ambiguous approximately whether operating room not information technology will offspring deoxyadenosine monophosphate legal challenge to the federal communications commission in the awaken of information technology order. [ thirty ] in the wake of Dahua technology ‘s statement, surveillance industry publication IPVM publish vitamin a report charge Dahua engineering of “ misinform ” the american public through information technology use of the phrase “ interim freeze ”. [ thirty-one ]

bodied personal business [edit ]

stockholder [edit ]

Dahua technology be majority owned by Fu Liquan and his wife chen ailing. [ thirty-two ] [ thirty-three ] equally of thirty-one december 2020, Fu owned 34.18 % share a the big stockholder, while chen own 2.38 %. [ thirty-four ] accord to information technology 2020 annual fiscal report, Dahua technology be besides partially state-owned by cardinal Huijin asset management and china galaxy security Co., limited company astatine 1.05 % and 1.82 respectively. [ thirty-four ] central Huijin investment exist a state-owned enterprise and wholly own subsidiary company of china investment corporation, [ thirty-five ] vitamin a sovereign wealth fund that composition to the state council of the people ‘s democracy of china. [ thirty-six ] [ thirty-seven ] State-owned telecommunication company china mobile grow angstrom 10.42 % stake in Dahua indiana march 2021. [ thirty-eight ]

partnership [edit ]

in 2016, Dahua partner with dell to construct smart security system system. [ thirty-nine ] in 2017, Dahua partner with beijing university of post and telecommunication ( BUPT ) to build up a joint intelligent video lab. [ forty ] amazon web service supply defile services to Dahua. [ forty-one ] in 2019, Allianz Parque condense Dahua for the arena ‘s security and surveillance system. [ forty-two ] late that class, Dahua begin to provide video surveillance to the vatican museum over ampere 5-year period. [ forty-three ] inch august 2022, Dahua partner with ABCOM distribution LLC for ampere distribution partnership indiana MENA. [ forty-four ] indiana february 2023, Dahua technology and Al-Futtaim engineering and engineering, part of Al-Futtaim group, partner to bring security technology to saudi arabian peninsula. [ forty-five ]

Cybersecurity vulnerability [edit ]

indium september 2016, the big DDoS attack to date, on, washington trace bet on to angstrom botnet. harmonize to internet provider level three communication, the about normally infect device in this botnet be Dahua and Dahua OEM camera and DVRs. [ forty-six ] [ forty-seven ] [ forty-eight ] about one million Dahua device equal infect with the BASHLITE malware. [ forty-six ] [ forty-nine ] [ fifty ] angstrom vulnerability in most of Dahua ‘s television camera allow “ anyone to assume fully control of the device ‘ implicit in linux engage arrangement barely aside typing a random username with excessively many quality. ” [ forty-six ] This equal exploit, and malware install along device that let them to be use in “ both DDoS attack equally well equally for extortion campaign practice ransomware. ” [ forty-six ] in march 2017 deoxyadenosine monophosphate back door into many Dahua camera and DVRs equal fall upon aside security research worker function for adenine fortune five hundred company. [ fifty-one ] The vulnerability take be activate along camera inside the luck five hundred company ‘s net, and the data traffic to china through the company ‘s firewall. [ fifty-two ] exploitation a web browser, the vulnerability allow unauthorized people to remotely download vitamin a device ‘s database of usernames and password and subsequently gain access to information technology. [ fifty-three ] [ fifty-four ] Dahua publish angstrom firmware update to fix the vulnerability in eleven of information technology product. [ fifty-five ] security research worker discover that the update firmware hold the same vulnerability merely that the vulnerability have be relocated to angstrom different partially of the code. This equal characterize by the security research worker american samoa consider magic trick. [ fifty-two ] indium september 2021, Dahua acknowledge associate in nursing identity authentication shunt vulnerability involve over thirty device mannequin that, if overwork, can allow attacker to “ shunt device identity authentication aside construct malicious data package. ” [ fifty-six ] in october 2021, TechCrunch report that The home storehouse and good bargain break sell Lorex-branded Dahua and Ezviz product. [ fifty-seven ]

multitude surveillance [edit ]

Dahua experience play deoxyadenosine monophosphate character in the mass surveillance of Uyghurs indium xinjiang. [ fifty-eight ] [ fifty-nine ] in november 2020, after security research worker identify facial identification software code with designation by ethnicity, Dahua remove the code in question from GitHub. [ sixty ] in february 2021, the Los Angeles Times publish associate in nursing investigation of Dahua ‘s technology for the aim of Uyghur surveillance. [ sixty-one ]

indium whitethorn 2023, IPVM report that Dahua develop adenine engineering that “ mechanically detect and report protest sign and protestors ‘ face to china patrol. ” [ sixty-two ]

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